MADE COVER Terms & Conditions

The Maintenance Plan

  • The Plan is designed to be a guarantee between Made Cover PTY LTD and the customer for the purpose of taking care of the item placed under the Cover.
  • All work will be completed by AURUPT PTY LTD as per contract terms

Australian Consumer Law

  • This Contract does not void or replace rights that you would have under Australian Consumer Law,

Items able to be covered

  • Items made of precious metals and precious metal alloys of 9ct or higher that are designed to be worn
  • Rings, earrings, necklaces, chains etc

Items unable to be covered

  • Items with artistic or historical value
  • Watches
  • Pearls, organic material, leather, ashes or photograph, ornate engraved items

Limit of Liability

  • Our accepted liability is capped at 125% of the Member’s Price as outlined in the offer.
  • Made Cover offers no guarantee that external brand names are taken into consideration when establishing the Plan. All work, replacement or remake of items will be undertaken by AURUPT PTY LTD
  • Differences in Manufacturing technique, minor differences in detail, markings and measurements may occur between the original item and a replacement.


  • Made Cover PTY LTD has a commercial contract of service with AURUPT PTY LTD
  • Pay Advantage Australia PTY LTD is our payment processing Partner.


  • The Plan can be transferred with the Item. We must be notified by the existing owner of the transfer within 5 business days.

Rejection of works under the Plan

  • Where we deem damage to the item to have been caused intentionally or through wilful destruction, we reserve the right to refuse to repair.
  • The assessment by our manufacturing team will be considered as best professional advice for the purposes of repair or manufacturing advice.

Alterations by Request

  • Alterations to an item that would change the description on the Retail Replacement Valuation, are considered to outside of the coverage of this Plan. This would include, for example, but not limited to, chain lengthening, added features, adding engraving, adding stones to previously unset areas of the item, changing stone sizes or colour or shape, re-shanking, alterations to height, width, weight etc
  • These types of alterations will be quoted as new work to be undertaken.
  • We reserve the right to reassess the Plan and update the details and cost of the plan once the alteration is completed.
  • Joining two pieces of jewellery together will cause a reassessment of the Plan

Jewellery Finishes

  • Our polishing and refinishing or the item is offered to periodically restore the appearance and to maintain the ring. It is not a guarantee that the polish will not scratch, or the item will not become damaged though wearing the item.
  • The Plan covers general polishing, refinishing where textured, Rhodium Plating where required as well as cleaning


  • We do not guarantee the repair of a specific stone, due to their nature stones themselves are not repairable, they will be replaced with stones of equal or better quality.
  • The Plan covers the replacement of small stones under 0.30ct for White Diamonds and Semi-precious stones that fall out, that are lost as a result of accidental damage or break in the ring.
  • Fancy coloured stones such as but not exclusively Pink Diamonds, are only covered if specifically written in the offer and signed by a Made Cover representative.
  • Stone tightening is covered

Common Repairs

  • Resizes are covered, however they are limited to 2 per year maximum.
  • Claw replacement and retips of claws are covered.
  • Chain Repairs are covered.

Complete Replacement

  • If an item is extensively damaged or worn, and at the best professional advice offered by the Jewellers we may enact this clause to completely on in part replace, remake in whole or in part, the item covered under the Plan.
  • The Item will be replaced to new condition, fixing the issue that caused the replacement to occur and using the best advice of our Jewellers, differences in appearance may occur as the new is different to a damaged or worn-out item.
  • We will at our discretion reuse or otherwise retain the metal and gemstones from the scrapped item

Loss and Theft

  • Made Cover specifically does not offer insurance. We are sympathetic to this type of event and will make every effort to assist in the replacement of the item at a reduced Member’s Price as outlined in the Plan offer.

Transference of Plan

  • The Plan able to be transferred to a new owner for a fee of $25

Cancellation of the Plan

  • You are free to cancel your Plan whenever you like. To do this you must simply notify us in writing that you wish to cancel the coverage.
  • Cancellations will be confirmed in writing
  • Any payment made or scheduled to be paid prior to the cancellation being confirmed in writing may be processed as a course of automation. any overpayment made for a Plan that is no longer in effect will be resolved in good faith.

Start of Coverage and Expiry

  • Coverage starts from the date signed
  • The Plan will continue until cancelled.
  • Maintenance plans will be periodically revaluated, we reserve the right to reissue the Retail Replacement Quote and members price every 12 months. If this changes the cost associated with the Plan a reissuance of the paperwork and update to the contract will be presented for the purpose of updating the Plan.


  • This is a legal and binding contract for both parties as it relates to the product described as Made Cover Jewellery Maintenance Plan, herein referred to as the “Plan”. By purchasing you understand that it is a contract and that you have read and understand the terms of the product.


  • 3 dedicated visits per year for full service
  • Unlimited visits per year for ultrasonic clean and check

NOTE: This is not a contract of insurance.

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