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Our Process: Custom Engagement Rings

Starting your custom Engagement Ring journey is an exciting experience. Our team are with you from initial consultation and sketch to opening the ring box and seeing the final result. Our custom Engagement rings are all designed and handcrafted in our north Brisbane studio. When choosing a custom Aurupt Engagement ring, you know that your […]

4 Benefits of choosing a Custom Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a thrilling yet sometimes daunting task. However, there’s a solution that offers both uniqueness and personalization—custom made engagement rings. At Aurupt Jewellers, we specialise in custom engagement rings and understand the desire for a ring as unique as your love story. Here are four benefits of choosing a custom-made […]

Wedding Day Photography with Aleisha Edwards Weddings

Capturing Timeless Moments: Wedding Day Photography Tips with Aleisha Edwards Weddings  The enchanting allure of a wedding day lies not only with the wedding rings, vows, and celebrations, but also in the artistry of preserving these special moments through the lens. We believe that expertly captured images are not just snapshots but an investment for […]

Engagement Ring Trends We Love

aurupt jewellers toi et moi engagement ring

Embodying the essence of enduring romance, Engagement Rings effortlessly fuse tradition with contemporary allure. As the world of jewellery design continues to evolve, we find ourselves enamored by the latest Engagement Ring trends. From the latest in bezel settings to unconventional stone arrangements, we dive into this year’s fresh reinterpretations.   East to West Orientation […]

Caring for your jewellery at home

aurupt jewellers brisbane diamond bridal set

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential tips and techniques to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your cherished jewellery pieces. Whether it’s your Engagement ring or a beautiful custom pendant, this helpful and informative guide will empower you to keep your precious pieces sparkling in-between professional services. Let’s dive into the world […]

Our Favourite Wedding Trends of 2023

Stepping into 2023 has brought forth a fresh wave of wedding trends that promise to redefine elegance, celebration, and love in truly remarkable ways. From enchanting venues to captivating decor, and from fashion-forward dresses to delectable culinary adventures, this year’s wedding trends encapsulate both timeless romance and modern creativity. Join us as we embark on […]

In Depth – Rhodium Plating

If you possess white gold jewellery, you’re likely familiar with the phrase “Rhodium plating”. Rhodium plating is a specialized process in which a thin layer of rhodium, a rare and precious metal belonging to the platinum group, is applied to the surface of an object, typically jewellery. Have you ever wondered about what actually happens […]

Cherishing Forever: The Significance of Wedding Rings on Your Special Day

aurupt jewellers engagement rings brisbane

Your wedding day is a magical affair, filled with laughter, tears of joy, and a celebration of love. Amidst all the planning and excitement, there’s one aspect that deserves special attention – your wedding rings. While it’s easy to get swept away in the whirlwind of wedding preparations, remember that these rings will be the […]

Behind the Designs – Classic & Signature Solitaires

AURUPT CLASSIC & SIGNATURE SOLITAIRES Nothing quite beats the elegance of a solitaire Engagement Ring. A classic design which displays your centre stone in all its glory. At Aurupt Jewellers we offer two different styles of solitaires, the Aurupt Classic Solitaire & the Aurupt Signature Solitaire. Today we explore the differences between both designs. The […]

What to Expect – Engagement Ring Consultation

Choosing an Engagement Ring is a momentous occasion, as it symbolizes a lifetime of love and commitment. Seeking a truly exceptional ring that captures the essence of your relationship can be a daunting task. We take pride in offering an unforgettable custom consultation experience, where we collaborate with clients to create their dream Engagement Ring […]

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