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Engagement Ring Trends We Love

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Embodying the essence of enduring romance, Engagement Rings effortlessly fuse tradition with contemporary allure. As the world of jewellery design continues to evolve, we find ourselves enamored by the latest Engagement Ring trends. From the latest in bezel settings to unconventional stone arrangements, we dive into this year’s fresh reinterpretations.


East to West Orientation
Stepping away from tradition of having a stone set vertically, the East to West Orientation is one of our favourite modern-day designs. Having the stone set length ways across the finger, is a simple yet bold way to create unique twist on a classic solitaire. We love seeing this trend on Emerald Cuts, Pear Cuts and Oval Cut Diamonds.

Toi Et Moi
Toi Et Moi is a French term that translates to “you and me”. In the realm of jewellery, the “Toi Et Moi” Engagement Ring is a style that features two main gemstones set alongside each other. This design symbolizes the union of two souls, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. We love seeing different variations of this design using diamonds, coloured gemstones or a combination of both.


Coloured Gemstones
Coloured gemstones for Engagement Rings have become immensely popular. These vibrant hues offer a distinct and personalized touch. As a result, allowing individuals to express their unique style and personality through their choice of gemstone. Unlike traditional diamond rings, colored gemstones infuse a sense of individuality, enabling couples to showcase their love in a more distinctive and non-traditional manner.


Bezel Set Stones
Even though bezel settings have been around for a long time, they are becoming popular again for modern day Engagement Rings. The sleek and seamless appearance of bezel-set stones lends a clean and contemporary aesthetic to the jewelry piece. The smooth metal rim surrounding the gemstone creates a sophisticated and modern silhouette, allowing the gem to take center stage.


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