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How to care for your fine Jewellery

Here at Aurupt Jewellers in Brisbane, we understand how precious your Jewellery is to you. We want to share our knowledge so you can keep your Jewellery in its best shape for many years to come.


Annual Service

It is important to bring your pieces in for a professional clean & polish to be checked over by a jeweller at least once a year.

As you wear your Jewellery every day, overtime, diamond or semi-precious gemstone Jewellery can become loose & present wear in the setting or claw work. With getting your pieces checked annually, we can prevent you losing any stones and service your piece to last a lifetime without the worry of any major issues.


When to not wear Jewellery

We know you always want to wear your precious pieces & your custom Jewellery pieces are made to last, however there are a few daily activities that have a higher chance of being damaging to your sentimental pieces.

To help, we have conducted a list of day-to-day activities to be mindful of when wearing Jewellery and recommend completing Jewellery free

  • Showering, going for a dip in the pool or ocean this will help to keep your ring sparkling like new for longer. Whilst water won’t damage your ring, when your hands are cooled your finger size can shrink which has resulted in rings slipping off.
  • If swimming in a pool, repeated and long exposure to chlorine isn’t good for any gold or silver Jewellery and can damage your Jewellery.
  • Remove your bespoke rings, engagement rings and necklaces for anything that requires heavy lifting or involves harsh chemicals. E.g., Gym, moving furniture, gardening & cleaning. This will help prevent any catching, dints, scratches, misshaping or loosening stones.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals can have an affect on the structure of gold and silver, which can tarnish or turn an alloy brittle causing your piece to fall apart.
  • Applying things such as makeup, sunscreen, Moisturizer or hair products because it can create a dull appearance of your Jewellery over time.

Jewellery is strong but is not unbreakable. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


How to clean your Jewellery at home

If your pieces are looking a little dull behind any stones and you want to bring back the sparkle, all you need is an extra soft toothbrush and a gentle handwash.

First off, soak piece in lukewarm/room temperature water for a minute, add a small amount of pump-soap to the bristle of toothbrush.

Lightly dab bristle of the brush on and around stones.

DO NOT scrub Jewellery as this can scratch the gold or silver around your gemstones

Rinse well with water and dry with a soft paper towel or tissue.

Alternatively, it is best to always bring your pieces back in store to be cleaned to avoid any damage and ensure they are cleaned properly.



Aurupt Jewellers holds a high standard for the pieces that we have created. Therefore, we offer a lifetime guarantee on quality & workmanship on all our handcrafted bespoke Jewellery.

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