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Behind the Designs – Classic & Signature Solitaires


Nothing quite beats the elegance of a solitaire Engagement Ring. A classic design which displays your centre stone in all its glory. At Aurupt Jewellers we offer two different styles of solitaires, the Aurupt Classic Solitaire & the Aurupt Signature Solitaire. Today we explore the differences between both designs.

The Aurupt Classic Solitaire:

The setting on the Classic Solitaire is a traditional basket, which can be handcrafted with 4 or 6 claws and features a gallery rail. The stone sits on the gallery exposing the culet of the diamond (the bottom point). The half round band has beautiful upswept shoulders which gives this design a bold elegance and is a modernized version of the cathedral shape. Our classic solitaires are handcrafted at 1.6mm thick, for a fine look yet durable for everyday wear.  The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring can be created using any cut of diamond or gemstone. This design is able to be worn with a large range of wedding bands.


The Aurupt Signature Solitaire:

The setting on the Signature Solitaire is an elegant 4 x claw basket, which is handcrafted with a curved gallery/setting exposing the girdle of the stone. This design allows for more exposure of the stone compared to the Classic Solitaire. The band is a traditional round band, measuring at 1.6mm thick (same thickness as the Classic Solitaire). Unlike the Classic Solitaire, the shoulders on a Signature Solitaire are a perfectly round circle and do not upsweep into the setting. This design is able to be created using most cuts of diamonds and gemstones. We have designed our signature solitaire to be worn with any type of wedding band.



Is one design better for stone security than the other?
The Signature & Classic Engagement rings have been designed with security & longevity in mind. The centre stone is very secure in both designs, held in tightly by the claws. The main point of difference between the two is the aesthetic however for very large stones we would recommend the Classic Solitaire due to the gallery rail sitting higher & hugging more of the stone.

Can these be made in any colour metal/any cut stone?
Yes, both of these Engagement Ring Solitaires are able to be handcrafted in Yellow, White & Rose Gold as well as Platinum or a combination of each. We can use the majority of diamond/gemstone cuts in either design with minimal limitations, your Jeweller will always be able to advise you of any restrictions during your consultation and what we are able to do to work around it.

Are these Solitaire Engagement Rings Custom made only?
No, we have a range of Signature & Classic solitaires in diamond and coloured gemstone options, available to purchase in store & online. Each piece purchased from Aurupt Jewellers has been designed & custom handcrafted in our Brisbane Studio.


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