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Our Favourite Wedding Trends of 2023

Stepping into 2023 has brought forth a fresh wave of wedding trends that promise to redefine elegance, celebration, and love in truly remarkable ways. From enchanting venues to captivating decor, and from fashion-forward dresses to delectable culinary adventures, this year’s wedding trends encapsulate both timeless romance and modern creativity. Join us as we embark on a journey through some of our favourite wedding trends of 2023.


Champagne towers over cakes –
Move over, wedding cakes – there’s a sparkling new trend taking center stage at receptions: champagne towers! In 2023, couples are embracing the elegance and glamour of cascading bubbly rather than traditional tiered desserts. Picture this: a pyramid of crystal-clear champagne glasses, each one filled with the effervescent nectar of celebration. This trend isn’t just about toasting the newlyweds; it’s a visually stunning spectacle that adds a touch of luxury and excitement to the festivities.



Cigar Wedding Bands –
The era of cigar wedding bands, a trend that’s igniting a new spark of uniqueness in matrimonial jewellery. In 2023, couples are veering off the beaten path, forgoing the simplicity of plain wedding bands in favor of Cigar bands. These stunning rings can be customized with diamonds, and we are all for it!



His & Hers Signature Cocktails –
Cheers to a new trend that’s adding a personalized twist to the wedding toast – ‘His and Hers’ signature cocktails! In the realm of 2023 weddings, couples are infusing their special day with a dash of their own personalities and tastes. Imagine stepping up to the bar and ordering a drink that’s been specially crafted to reflect the bride’s and groom’s unique preferences. These signature sips are more than just beverages; they’re a creative extension of the couple’s story, served in glasses of celebration.


Night/Flash Portraits –
Capture the romance of your wedding day like never before with the mesmerizing art of night-time photography. As the sun dips below the horizon, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for couples seeking to create breathtaking, one-of-a-kind images. In the realm of weddings, 2023 is shining a spotlight on the allure of night-time photography, where soft moonlight, twinkling stars, and creative lighting techniques come together to paint a canvas of pure magic.



Dried Flowers & Confetti –
In 2023, weddings are embracing the beauty of nature and the whimsy of tradition, as couples opt for these delightful elements to add a touch of magic to their festivities. Imagine walking down the aisle as fragrant petals grace your path, or sharing your first dance beneath a cascade of confetti, each piece a symbol of well-wishes and happiness. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, flower petals and confetti are a tangible representation of the joy that fills the air on this special day.
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