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Don Mosk’s top 3 picks for engagement rings in Brisbane

If you are starting your journey to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! At Aurupt jewellers in Brisbane we have so many options to choose from. Whether you want a beautiful ring straight off the shelf or a bespoke piece to make your partner’s engagement ring dreams come true the options are endless.

Today we sit down with Aurupt director Don Mosk to get his top 3 picks for engagement rings in Brisbane.

 1. Pear cut diamond solitaire

The pear cut diamond is a personal favourite of director Don Mosk. ” The Pear shape, also known as Tear-drop diamonds, have the benefit of giving off a ‘larger’ look regardless of carat weight, so even at the lower diamond weights, they can still have amazing face value dimensions. The cut itself is an elegant, elongated shape, and with larger caratage stones, you really get that ‘WOW’ factor, while still holding a petite look, so you have the ability to go larger and it does not look too bulky, especially if you have dainty hands. Having the smooth base on one side with a fine point end compliments any wearer looking incredible on small and larger finger sizes. The best part is that a pear shape diamond can be used in a modern or classic engagement ring style design, which will simply match up to any style bespoke wedding band, whether it be a plain wedding ring or diamond set band”.

 2. Radiant Cut with diamond set band

The Radiant cut is one of the most trending rings of 2022. Don says “The radiant cut diamond looks great with the addition of a diamond set band and upswept shoulders. The upswept shoulders and under-rail allow you to fit a straight wedding band beside it comfortably and hide the height of the diamond in your larger carat sizes”. The real beauty of the Radiant cut diamond is the larger you go, the bigger the accompanying diamonds you can have in the band of your bespoke engagement ring and accompanying wedding ring without it being too much of an overkill. This shaped diamond just screams for a nice diamond set band and will look amazing with a fine dainty band or a wider style band. The real beauty of the radiant cut shows in their facet work, having the same shape of an emerald cut diamond but the fire of a brilliant cut diamond they’re an amazing alternative to the emerald cut with a more modern appeal. Unlike the Emerald cut diamond which has long open window facets, the Radiant cut doesn’t lock you into buying a higher graded stone in order to look nice. With the added facet work and Brillance, your range in qualities open up, which work with all engagement ring budgets allowing you to buy in the lower clarity ranges while still having a beautifully eye-clean diamond”.

3. Oval Cut engagement rings

The most popular diamond cut all round. The oval diamond engagement ring is the ultimate timeless classic. Don says, ” There’s no particular style or design of bespoke engagement ring that an oval diamond doesn’t work in. It works as a single stone solitaire engagement ring. It works as a Trilogy/ 3 stone engagement ring, that can be matched/paired with oval diamonds, Brilliant/Round cut diamonds, Pear shape diamonds, Trilliant cut diamonds, Half-moon diamonds, Marquise shape diamonds, Tapered Baguette diamonds, you name it, it works! They also look incredible with a diamond set halo. If you can’t decide on a diamond shape, then oval is probably the perfect stone for you! They literally suit everyone and will suit any straight or custom fitted wedding ring, all which our award-winning team of Jewellers can design and make for you in house from our North Brisbane flagship store & workshop located in Brendale”!

Just 30mins from Brisbane CBD. Come in and visit our boutique Jewellery Atelier, meet our team of Brisbane Jewellers and see where and how your gorgeous handmade engagement rings are created.




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